NFINtb Nothobranchius furzeri transcriptome browser

NFINtb Query Interface

This query interface allows to search the NFINtb database for cDNA contigs. Search criteria can be NFINtb IDs, gene symbols, annotations, blast descriptions and many more. To search for a certain criterion activate the corresponding checkbox and enter search terms you are looking for.

Search cDNA contigs:


    (e.g. Nofu_GRZ_cDNA_3_0000001)


Database:  GenBank  Accession:    (e. g. 'GAIB01000001')

Sequence length:

Minimum:    Maximum:  

Gene Symbol:

    (e. g. 'SOX')


Search Pattern:    (e. g. 'polymerase')  Help

With annotation

Show only contigs with annotation.

Best per transcript

Show only the best contig per annotation.

Best per gene

Show only the best contig per annotated GENE.

CDS Coverage:

Minimum coverage of the coding sequence in %:  


Blast result:

Database:     Search Pattern:    (e. g. 'sox9')  Help

GO annotation:

Category:     Top-level functions:  

Protein domain:

Database:     Search Pattern:    (e. g. 'actin')  Help

Pred. miRNA:

    (e. g. 'abs-1')


cDNA contig cluster:

Cluster Id:       (e.g. CL1 )

pSNP name:

pSNP name:     

pSNP type:


pSSR presence:

pSSR name:       pSSR type:  



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