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Functional annotation with Gene Ontology Slim

Gene Ontology aims to provide a controlled vocabulary of terms for describing gene product characteristics and gene product annotation data.

Gene Ontology Slim is a cut-down version of Gene Ontology containing a subset of the whole Gene Ontology. They give a broader overview into functional annotation without going so much into detail.

Click on a term to get a description. Click on the numbers to get all transcript contigs with this term.

GO Mol. FunctionNum. (%)GO Biol. ProcessNum. (%)GO Cell. ComponentNum. (%)
no Molecular Function GO annotation141498 (66.2%)no Biological Process GO annotation162057 (75.9%)no Cellular Component GO annotation172157 (80.6%)
molecular_function72123 (33.8%)biological_process51564 (24.1%)cellular_component41464 (19.4%)
binding58033 (27.2%)metabolic process31975 (15.0%)cell37573 (17.6%)
protein binding33887 (15.9%)primary metabolic process27574 (12.9%)intracellular26088 (12.2%)
catalytic activity27773 (13.0%)regulation of biological process15732 (7.4%)organelle15186 (7.1%)
nucleic acid binding16017 (7.5%)nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process14584 (6.8%)cytoplasm10198 (4.8%)
hydrolase activity11129 (5.2%)biosynthetic process13172 (6.2%)nucleus8044 (3.8%)
nucleotide binding10640 (5.0%)protein metabolic process11395 (5.3%)protein complex5469 (2.6%)
transferase activity10100 (4.7%)transport8804 (4.1%)plasma membrane3316 (1.6%)
DNA binding9637 (4.5%)signal transduction7630 (3.6%)cytoskeleton2655 (1.2%)
transporter activity5075 (2.4%)protein modification process6169 (2.9%)extracellular region2336 (1.1%)
transcription regulator activity4403 (2.1%)transcription6124 (2.9%)mitochondrion1840 (0.9%)
kinase activity4177 (2.0%)multicellular organismal development4936 (2.3%)endoplasmic reticulum952 (0.4%)
signal transducer activity3938 (1.8%)DNA metabolic process4827 (2.3%)Golgi apparatus940 (0.4%)
RNA binding3632 (1.7%)cellular component organization4410 (2.1%)ribosome931 (0.4%)
protein kinase activity3361 (1.6%)catabolic process3590 (1.7%)nucleoplasm928 (0.4%)
transcription factor activity3358 (1.6%)cell communication3439 (1.6%)cytosol864 (0.4%)
calcium ion binding3269 (1.5%)ion transport3027 (1.4%)chromosome744 (0.3%)
enzyme regulator activity3249 (1.5%)anatomical structure morphogenesis2656 (1.2%)proteinaceous extracellular matrix604 (0.3%)
peptidase activity2885 (1.4%)organelle organization2386 (1.1%)extracellular space572 (0.3%)
receptor activity2592 (1.2%)cell differentiation2310 (1.1%)microtubule organizing center496 (0.2%)
structural molecule activity1985 (0.9%)response to stress2259 (1.1%)cytoplasmic membrane-bounded vesicle482 (0.2%)
ion channel activity1966 (0.9%)protein transport2061 (1.0%)nucleolus437 (0.2%)
receptor binding1520 (0.7%)carbohydrate metabolic process1929 (0.9%)endosome295 (0.1%)
cytoskeletal protein binding1435 (0.7%)translation1771 (0.8%)nuclear envelope248 (0.1%)
actin binding1031 (0.5%)embryonic development1622 (0.8%)external encapsulating structure241 (0.1%)
motor activity850 (0.4%)lipid metabolic process1438 (0.7%)vacuole238 (0.1%)
lipid binding793 (0.4%)cytoskeleton organization1156 (0.5%)nuclear chromosome232 (0.1%)
phosphoprotein phosphatase activity783 (0.4%)cellular amino acid and derivative metabolic process1127 (0.5%)cell envelope227 (0.1%)
carbohydrate binding704 (0.3%)death975 (0.5%)cilium178 (0.1%)
electron carrier activity684 (0.3%)cell death974 (0.5%)lysosome155 (0.1%)
nuclease activity634 (0.3%)cell cycle969 (0.5%)peroxisome82 (0.0%)
translation factor activity, nucleic acid binding331 (0.2%)generation of precursor metabolites and energy830 (0.4%)plastid48 (0.0%)
chromatin binding206 (0.1%)cell proliferation746 (0.3%)cell wall22 (0.0%)
antioxidant activity143 (0.1%)growth633 (0.3%)lipid particle12 (0.0%)
neurotransmitter transporter activity140 (0.1%)cellular homeostasis624 (0.3%)thylakoid8 (0.0%)
oxygen binding34 (0.0%)reproduction556 (0.3%)
translation regulator activity15 (0.0%)response to external stimulus529 (0.2%)
nutrient reservoir activity3 (0.0%)response to endogenous stimulus416 (0.2%)
protein tag2 (0.0%)behavior400 (0.2%)
response to abiotic stimulus394 (0.2%)
cell growth333 (0.2%)
cell-cell signaling317 (0.1%)
response to biotic stimulus279 (0.1%)
respiratory electron transport chain239 (0.1%)
regulation of gene expression, epigenetic216 (0.1%)
mitochondrion organization181 (0.1%)
viral reproduction163 (0.1%)
cell recognition92 (0.0%)
symbiosis, encompassing mutualism through parasitism55 (0.0%)
secondary metabolic process31 (0.0%)
mitochondrial translation6 (0.0%)
cytoplasm organization4 (0.0%)